Teen Son Survives Macon Car Crash into Fire Station, Mother Feels Grateful

On New Year’s Day, Alesia Walker-Evans allowed her son, identified as KelCey Braswell, aged 15, to hang out with his friends. She believed that her son was where he was supposed to be whereas Braswell and 6 others were involved in a Macon car crash into a fire station. The teens were detained after crashing a stolen car into the fire station.

On Rocky Creek Road, deputies saw a stolen SUV at McDonald’s. The time was around 3 a.m. Sunday. The driver, aged 13, drove off and crashed into the Bloomfield Road fire station after losing control over the vehicle. Evans said that she was in shock after hearing it. Braswell sustained severe injuries and all students were hospitalized.

Evans said that her son broke his arm, elbow, leg, and knee and fractured bones in his back. She had to feed him, change him, and teach him how to get his mobility back.

She said that she received a lot of backlashes and this is the first time her son was involved in something like this. She said, it’s not necessary that every choice children make will be right; as parents, we teach them right and wrong. She said her son learned the lesson and her job is to tell them; not to force them.

Evans added that a lot of people don’t make it out of such a situation; God sparing their life is a wake-up call for them. She also said that mental health is very important. The owner of the stolen car involved in the Macon car crash is very supportive and Evans is in touch with him.

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Source: https://www.13wmaz.com/article/news/local/macon-mother-grateful-after-teen-son-survives-car-crash-into-fire-station-3/93-d92b0008-bac5-44cd-869d-3781a3214a58