Why Hire a Carrollton Truck Accident Lawyer?

A truck accident is one of the worst traffic crashes, causing victims severe injuries which require expensive treatments and long hospital stays. For this reason, you must be very careful about how you prepare your insurance claim and how much money you demand. You only have one chance to recover damages, so you should have legal representation from an experienced Carrollton truck accident lawyer.

You may wonder why you need an attorney if you are clearly the injured party and have a legal right to receive compensation. Here are some of the most important reasons why it is a good idea to let a lawyer handle your claim.

1. Liability for Damages May Extend Beyond the Trucker

Let us be clear – you will only get the maximum liability coverage from the auto insurer. Thus, on your own, you would file a claim against the trucker, who may be carrying the minimum coverage required in Georgia:

  • $25,000 for bodily injury per person
  • $50,000 for bodily injury per accident
  • $25,000 for property damage

Compared to the hundreds of thousands of dollars you may amass just in medical care debt, this is nowhere enough to cover all your damages. This is why truck crash attorneys will start by looking at other liable parties, which carry large commercial insurance policies, such as:

  • The trucking company
  • The cargo owner
  • The company that performs repairs and maintenance on the truck
  • The truck manufacturer

2. You Don’t Have to Worry about Saying and Doing the Wrong Things

Many truck accident victims have to accept reduced claim settlements because they talked to an insurance adjuster without a lawyer. These adjusters protect the interests of the insurance company and would do anything legal (or barely legal) to prevent you from filing a claim.

Some of the tactics they use involve:

  • Tricking you into admitting fault for the accident
  • Repeating the same question in different forms to make you contradict yourself
  • Asking access to your medical records to identify an old injury and use it as justification for your current condition and symptoms
  • Pretending to care for you and offering a quick settlement that represents just a small fraction of your actual damages

a truck crash attorney knows how to negotiate with insurers

3. You Can’t Obtain Various Types of Evidence to Prove Your Claim

One of the most important benefits of hiring an experienced Carrollton truck accident lawyer is having access to necessary evidence, which cannot be obtained by a private individual.

A licensed attorney has the right to demand:

  • Access to the data stored in the EDR – a device that records vehicle data before a crash, similar to an airplane black box
  • The truck driver’s mobile phone log to check if they were texting and driving
  • The truck driver’s log book to check if they complied with hours of service
  • Access to the trucker’s criminal record, to check if the company was negligent in performing background checks before hiring them

4. You Don’t Know How to Counter the Adjuster’s Arguments

Now, imagine that you have all the evidence you need and negotiate with an insurance adjuster. They will soon realize that you do not know the laws that govern traffic accidents and insurance claims. They can interpret these laws to suit their own purpose, because you do not know if they are wrong. And even if you do, you don’t know how to prove it.

An experienced lawyer knows the law, the accepted interpretations and any precedents in previous cases accepted by Georgia courts. In a few words, they will prove the adjuster wrong and continue to pursue the fair compensation amount you deserve.

5. You Do Not Know How to Estimate Pain and Suffering Damages

Last but not least, you have the right to seek non-economic damages for pain and suffering. But how much should you demand? One hundred thousand dollars? One million dollars? If you ask for too little, you miss the chance to recover financially after this traumatic event. If you ask for too much, you give ammo to the adjuster to deny your claim.

Let an Experienced Carrollton Truck Accident Lawyer Handle Your Claim!

After a truck accident, you should focus on getting better with peace of mind and no stress. This happens when you know that an experienced Carrollton truck accident lawyer is fighting for your right and negotiating a fair compensation for your damages.

Do not risk getting an unfair settlement – call us today to schedule a free case evaluation at 678-825-6004!

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