Hiring a Trial Attorney

Written by Kenneth Crawford

There are some lawyers who rarely, if ever, go to court. There are even some “personal injury” attorneys who have never been to court or never tried a jury trial. Hiring an attorney who is not afraid of the courtroom is important. If you have been in a car, truck or motorcycle accident, unless you have an attorney, insurance companies will not offer you a fair settlement. Hiring an attorney can change that, but even then some insurance companies make you a low-ball offer. That is why hiring an attorney who is not afraid to take a case before a jury is important. Some cases need to be tried to get the full value of a fair settlement.

In addition, hiring a car or motorcycle accident trial attorney is important because he or she will understand the rules of evidence. The judge decides what documents and testimony a jury is allowed to hear. For example, the existence or amount of car accident insurance and health insurance is not admissible. Also, an insurance adjuster may attempt to assign fault to you because you were not wearing your seatbelt, but this is inadmissible! (You should wear your seatbelt.)

Kenneth Crawford is an experienced trial attorney who can take your case to trial, if necessary. Obviously, the goal is to resolve your case as quickly and efficiently as possible, but if an insurance company is not willing to give a fair settlement for you medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages and other damages you are entitled to, then court may be your best option.

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