Why Would I Want to Settle My Car Accident Lawsuit in South Fulton?

When our accident attorneys in South Fulton first meet with an accident victim, they’re usually experiencing a myriad of emotions. Some of them are angry at the other drivers. Others are simply afraid of how they’ll pay their medical bills. However, what they all have in common is their belief that they’re entitled to compensation and want to file a car accident lawsuit.

Our South Fulton accident lawyers couldn’t agree more. That’s why we work so hard to settle your case as quickly and for as much money as possible.

Many People Don’t Realize That More Than 95% of All Accident Cases Settle

A lot of our clients are surprised to learn that most car accident lawsuits settle long before trial. In most instances, a settlement is in the best interest of both parties.

Nobody wants to take the risk of going to court. Most South Fulton accident lawyers would much rather settle their clients’ cases than go before a judge.

This does not mean, in any way, that your accident attorney in South Fulton is intimidated by the idea of going to trial. It’s simply a matter of what makes the most sense. If your lawyer can get you a fair settlement in a matter of months, why spend thousands of dollars knowing there’s no guarantee you’ll win?

Our South Fulton Accident Lawyers Settle Some Cases Before They Even File Suit

If you’re lucky, your case will be strong enough that your accident attorney in South Fulton can settle your case within weeks, or maybe months. There are times when the insurance company purposely denies a claim, hoping that they can settle for less than the full amount.

There are other cases where the evidence could go either way. If both attorneys realize this, they may be willing to negotiate a settlement. This can save both sides a lot of money. It also means you won’t have to drag the case out for months, or even years, waiting for the case to go to trial.

Many Other Cases Aren’t Settled Until Right Before Trial

Now, while there are a lot of car accident lawsuits that settle rather quickly, others don’t settle until the eve of trial. You may have heard of cases that settled on the courthouse steps. While this is a rather literal way of describing how these cases settle, it’s the truth.

One of the reasons why this happens so often is that the civil court judges in Georgia prefer for cases to settle. Before they even schedule the actual trial, they usually make you go through mediation. The hope is that your South Fulton accident lawyer will negotiate a settlement and the judge can remove your case from their calendar.

It is a Lot Cheaper for Your Accident Attorney in South Fulton to Settle

Not only is it faster to settle your case, but it’s a lot cheaper too. Any money your accident attorney in South Fulton has to spend on your case comes out of your settlement.

For example, if you settle your case for $200,000, your attorney’s fee is taken right off the top. If your South Fulton accident lawyer had to file suit, their fee will most likely be 40%. This means that, before you receive a dime of your settlement, $80,000 will come off the top.

Most car accident lawsuits are settled out of court

After this is paid, you’ll have to reimburse the firm any money they spent on costs and fees. If your case goes to trial, it will cost thousands of dollars. If, on the other hand, you settle your case, it may only cost a few hundred dollars.

You Won’t Have to Pay for Expert Witnesses

To win at trial, your accident attorney in South Fulton may have to hire experts. To have them travel to the courthouse and prepare for their testimony, it could cost several thousand dollars. This is money that would go to you if you had settled.

It is Expensive for Your South Fulton Accident Lawyer to Prepare for Trial

In addition to the money you’ll spend on expert witnesses, it will cost more money for your lawyer to prepare for trial. They’ll need to spend time tracking down witnesses and getting statements from them.

Your South Fulton accident lawyer will also need to prepare and create exhibits for trial. This doesn’t even include the hours they’ll have to dedicate toward drafting motions, briefs, and other legal papers.

You Don’t Run the Risk of Losing if You Settle Your Case

One of the biggest reasons people choose to settle their car accident cases is because they don’t want to lose at trial. No matter how strong you and your South Fulton accident lawyer think your case is, there’s no guarantee the judge will agree.

The worst thing that could happen is you go to trial and lose. Both you and your accident attorney in South Fulton will walk away with nothing.

Your Accident Attorney in South Fulton Will Get You a Lump Sum of Money

It’s important to point out that, if you settle, you’ll receive a lump sum of money. It may be broken up into a few payments, but it will all be paid within a reasonably short time. If you go to trial and win, you’ll have a judgment against the other party.

The problem with this is that your South Fulton accident lawyer will have to then try to get the judgment. When you sue somebody and win, you aren’t handed a sum of money at the end. For all you know, it could take years, or decades, to see your money. In fact, there’s a chance that you’ll never recover a dime.

Talk to One of Our Experienced South Fulton Accident Lawyers Today

If you were hurt in a car accident, you may be entitled to compensation. Of course, just because you were in a car crash, that doesn’t mean you’re automatically going to receive damages. It depends on whether your South Fulton accident lawyer can prove the other driver was at fault.

The good news is that most of these cases settle long before they go to trial. Our accident attorneys in South Fulton have decades of combined experience handling motor vehicle accidents.

Since we offer all new clients a free, initial consultation, you should take advantage of it. You’ll have the opportunity to sit down with a seasoned attorney who can answer any questions you may have. They may even be able to give you an idea of what your case is worth.

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