Car Crash in Georgia: Do Insurers Hire Investigators

Dealing with a car crash in Georgia is extremely challenging. In 2019, around 1,537 people died in traffic accidents only in Georgia. After such horrible accidents, victims put forward injury claims to receive compensation for their damages. The damages may include injuries, mental distress, and property loss.

The majority of insurance providers use various tactics to undermine your injury claim. Hiring a private investigator is one of the most underhanded tactics used by insurance companies. It feels like an infringement of your rights and an invasion of your privacy.

Getting in touch with our experienced car accident attorney will help you in understanding everything about private investigators hired by the insurance companies and what steps you can take to protect your injury claim.

Why Do Insurance Providers Hire a Private Investigator After a Car Crash In Georgia?

Insurance companies tend to hire private investigators following a car crash in Georgia in an attempt to prevent fraud. These frauds lead to increased premiums for their clients. Fraud does happen in certain cases. Insurers use surveillance to find an excuse to reject or undermine a legitimate claim. The aim behind this tactic is to protect their profits.

In an insurance company’s view, if the accident victim suffered an actual injury then there should be nothing to hide from anyone. However, insurance providers identify weak excuses to devalue the victim’s claim. Even if the victim has a legitimate claim they can find something insignificant to use against your case.

The private investigator will see whether your actions are supported by your injury claim. They mainly look for the signs if you are making a false claim or exaggerate the facts about how the injury is damaging your life.

For instance, if you make a claim that due to a car accident you suffered a back and neck injury and you can’t lift anything at work. A private investigator will look at your activities and check your Facebook for pictures if you are holding your toddler or getting groceries and lifting things easily. If the investigator won’t find anything to contradict your claim then the surveillance may end in supporting your claim that can weaken the defense and strengthen your case.

What Are the Limitations When It Comes to Surveillance?

Private investigators are required to follow the law. The case is not a criminal investigation and everyone should respect the victim’s privacy. A private investigator won’t come to your home to invade your private life. They are not allowed to do the following things:

  • Take pictures or make a video through your private property windows.
  • Acting like they are police
  • Wiretapping your phone
  • Pretending to be someone else to get close for information
  • Trespassing
  • Getting private information without consent

Professional investigators cannot make you feel scared. If they are doing their job accurately you might not even notice their presence. Although insurance companies have the right to hire a private investigator yet these people have limits on what they can do. They cannot intimidate the victim. Aggressively following them or giving verbal or non-verbal threats is not allowed.

Moreover, private investigators are not allowed to trespass on private property for surveillance. If an investigator is asked to leave from a private property they must do so. You may be observed, photographed, or videotaped when you are outside your home or in a public setting. Investigators are not allowed to wiretap your phone.

Protecting Your Claim:

Private investigators remain out of sight and dig into your daily activities to find something that can be used against your case. You should not make things easier for them by posting contradictory posts on social media platforms. Avoid discussing your claim, anything related to your injuries or the case.

You should also avoid posts that make a case against you that your injuries may not be as severe. If your doctor advised you not to lift anything heavier than 25 pounds then don’t lift it, a private investigator can discover it. Disobeying the doctor can undermine your claim. It can also make your injuries worse.

Speak to a Car Accident Attorney:

You will be able to reap many benefits while working with our professionally experienced and skilled attorney after a car crash in Georgia. They will take the burden of your entire legal process. Accident victims have many concerns and our attorneys can help them understand the process. We will fight for your rights and obtain the maximum compensation that you deserve. We have helped crash victims to achieve successful results. Speak to us today and get the best legal advice for your case.

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