Insurance Adjuster Questions You Should Never Answer after a Car Accident

During the first appointment with a Carrollton car accident lawyer, the legal professional will ask you if you’ve already talked to an insurance adjuster. Ideally, you should reach out for legal advice before the adjuster calls you or visits you at home.

However, some adjusters will pay the first visit while you are still in hospital, before you even had the time to think about filing a claim. Since this happens in many cases, you should be on your guard and refuse to answer the following questions:

Can You Tell Me What Caused Your Accident?

This is a very dangerous question, because it invites you to speculate. Worse, you may even unwittingly admit fault for the crash. You may say things such as “I didn’t even see the other driver” or “I’m sorry the other driver was injured.” These statements are enough to make the insurance adjuster determine that you were more than 50% at fault for the crash and deny your claim.

Speculation is also very risky. You may assume things which prove to be untrue, such as:

  • The other driver was speeding
  • The other driver appeared to be under the influence of alcohol
  • The other driver failed to signal a left turn

Starting with these inaccuracies, the adjuster will extrapolate and say that you are lying about everything about the case.

Were You Tired?

If you say that you were a little tired, you will automatically confess to drowsy driving, which makes you at fault for the crash under the Georgia comparative negligence principle. If you say that you were not tired, the adjuster will find other statements you made, such as that you had a busy day at work, and state that you were lying.

The best option is to tell the adjuster that you will not comment on this topic.

Did You Drink Any Alcohol in the Last 24 Hours?

Each person processes alcohol differently. Saying that you were out with your friends the previous evening and had a few drinks can hurt your case. Even if you were perfectly sober, the insurance adjuster will conclude that you were still under the influence of alcohol.

Without a breathalyzer test on your file, your Carrollton car accident lawyer will have a difficult time proving that you were not driving under the influence when the accident happened.

you should not talk to an adjuster without a lawyer

Will You Sign This Medical Release Form?

In this situation give a firm “no” answer. A medical release will allow the insurance adjuster to access your entire medical history. It is possible that you had another accident in the past or that you suffer from a pre-existing condition, such as arthritis.

This is enough for an adjuster – they will attribute all your injuries to your old accident or medical condition and deny your claim. While this is not a final decision, your lawyer will have to work harder to disprove the adjuster’s claim.

How Badly Are You Injured?

Unfortunately, this question does not indicate the adjuster’s compassion for your pain and suffering. On the contrary: they will note every word you say and, when you file the claim, will reject any other injury your doctors find through diagnostic tests.

For example, you may say that you have a few bruises and pain in the chest. Later, the doctors determine that you suffered a concussion and neck injuries, as well. These two injuries will be dismissed by the adjuster, together with any treatments you had for them.

Let a Carrollton Car Accident Lawyer Discuss Your Case with the Adjuster!

Insurance adjusters are not your friends after a car accident. They will try to convince you to give up filing a claim or accept a lowball offer. Their questions are often misleading and your words will be interpreted in any way it suits them.

You should refrain from giving any answers to an adjuster until you talked to a Carrollton car accident lawyer at Hartley, Rowe & Fowler. We are not afraid to handle the most complex cases and fight big insurance companies. As a new client, you benefit from a free case review, so call us today at 678-825-6004!

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