The Most Dangerous Seats during a Car Accident

A car accident is devastating for everyone inside the vehicle. However, statistical data show that some people are more at risk of suffering severe injuries, depending on where they are seated in the car. With the assistance of an experienced South Fulton car accident lawyer at Hartley, Rowe & Fowler, you may obtain fair compensation for your damages.

At the same time, we believe in sharing useful advice to help you avoid accidents and injuries. So today we will discuss the safest and most dangerous car seats. We will also explain why correct seating can help you avoid life-changing injuries.

Studies Show that the Back Seat Is the Most Dangerous Place in a Car

A detailed study conducted by the Insurance Institute for Traffic Safety (IIHS) shows that passengers in the back seat are more at risk of severe injury or death in case of a collision. This may come as a surprise, but the findings are supported by analysis of traffic crashes across the U.S.

The IIHS team concluded that this surprising finding is due to the fact that car manufacturers have focused on making the front seat as safe as possible. However, this means that the back of the cabin has been overlooked in terms of safety features.

The Center Back Seat Is the Safest for Baby Chairs

Despite the fact that the back seats lack supplementary safety devices, the center of the back seat is the best for installing special chairs for babies and children. This is the finding of a research study conducted by a team at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine.

Looking at crash data, the researchers found that children placed in this position were 43% less at risk of injury compared to those seated behind the driver or the front seat passenger.

Older Adults Should Sit Next to the Driver

When it comes to protecting frail passengers, especially people over 55 years old, the safest possible place is the front seat. This and the driver’s seat are the only seats provided with a special safety belt with sensors.

When these sensors perceive a collision, they will automatically tighten the seatbelt, reducing the jerking movement which often results in whiplash, head and back injuries.

some seats in a car are more likely to get severely damaged in crashes

Types of Collisions that Result in Fatal Accidents

An experienced South Fulton car accident lawyer knows that rear-end collisions are the most frequent type of accident. However, looking at the number of fatalities, the IIHS has created a top of the most dangerous types of collisions as follows:

  • Frontal impact – 56%
  • Side impact – 27%
  • Rear impact – 6%
  • Others (most of them rollovers) – 10%

This statistic also reinforces the vulnerability of back seat passengers, considering that more than half fatal accidents are caused by a frontal impact.

Protect Yourself – Avoid the Most Dangerous Seating Positions

When it comes to avoiding a potentially fatal accident, choosing a safe seat is not enough. You must also maintain a correct seated position throughout the entire drive. The most dangerous seating positions that result in serious injury in case of accidents are:

  • Placing the feet on the dashboard while sitting in the front seat
  • Reclining in the back seat
  • Wearing the seatbelt under the arm instead of over the shoulder
  • Riding with a child or pet in your arms

Injured in a Crash? Consult with an Experienced South Fulton Car Accident Lawyer!

Despite your best efforts and precautions to avoid accidents, you may encounter a negligent driver who crashes their car into yours. In this situation, after making sure that you receive prompt medical care, start fighting for your right to receive compensation

At Hartley, Rowe & Fowler, an experienced South Fulton car accident lawyer will examine the available evidence and give you an honest legal opinion. If you have a strong case, we will represent you on a contingency fee basis.

We also offer each new client a free case review, so call us today at 678-825-6004!

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