Who Is Liable for a Single Vehicle Accident?

Most traffic accidents involve two, sometimes more vehicles. However, in some cases, a Carrollton car accident lawyer is faced with a challenging situation: a single vehicle accident. And, in many cases, a skilled attorney can identify a liable party, other than the driver, and win compensation.

Let us explain how these crashes happen and who may be at fault for them and liable to pay damages.

The Most Common Causes of Single Vehicle Accidents

A single vehicle accident is defined as a situation when a car:

  • Collides with an object or flips over and remains on the road
  • Runs off the road because the driver tries to avoid a collision or loses control over the car

Why do these accidents happen? There are many reasons, and understanding them can also lead to a clearer identification of the liable party. In some cases, driver error is involved – and it is often what insurance companies will claim in order to avoid paying damages.

But a single car crash can also be caused by:

  • Dangerous road conditions, especially in the vicinity of construction sites
  • Inadequate, damaged or missing road signs that should indicate a bend in the road or merging lanes
  • Poor driving by others, causing the accident in an attempt to avoid collision
  • Poor road conditions, with potholes and faded road signs
  • Vehicle malfunction causing the driver to lose control over their vehicle

Identifying Potential Liable Parties after a Single Car Accident

Looking over the most frequent causes of single car crashes, an experienced attorney can identify the primary negligent party, liable to pay for your damages. This could be:

1. Another Driver

If a driver had to run their car off the road to avoid collision with a reckless or aggressive driver, the negligent driver may be found liable for the damages. This can be proven even if there is no actual contact between the two cars. A skilled lawyer can prove that the reckless driver’s actions caused the crash in an attempt to avoid a more severe accident.

2. Authorities in Charge with Maintenance of the Roads

If poor road conditions or missing traffic signs represented the main cause of the accident, you may be able to file a claim against local authorities in charge of road maintenance. However, you will need to hire an experienced Carrollton car accident lawyer in order to be successful.

it is hard to find a liable party if you were not hit by another car

Although the state of Georgia waives sovereign immunity in specific situations, you must be able to prove that your case meets these conditions. Also, you will have shorter deadlines to file your claim and special paperwork to fill in. An attorney will make sure that all your documents are in order, free of error and will face the state’s adjusters with convincing arguments to win your compensation.

3. A Car Manufacturer, Dealer or Parts Distributor

If your accident was caused by a sudden malfunction of your car, you may have a case against the manufacturer under the product liability tort law. Your lawyer will prove, after a detailed technical expertise, that your car had a hidden defect – either in design or in manufacturing.

Other business entities may also be liable, including the car repair shop which services your car and failed to note the defect or the distributor of a defective part.

4. A Business Entity

An employer or a business entity may also be liable for your crash. Common situations of this type are crashes caused by debris on the road from a construction site. The construction company is vicariously liable for its employees’ actions, including the negligence of allowing debris on the public road.

Consult with an Experienced Carrollton Car Accident Lawyer!

A single vehicle accident is not automatically the driver’s fault. A skilled Carrollton car accident lawyer at Hartley, Rowe & Fowler will examine the evidence carefully and determine if you can file an insurance claim against a third party and obtain compensation for your damages.

We encourage you to schedule a free case evaluation with us a soon as possible after your crash and bring all the available evidence. Call us today at 678-825-6004!

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