Car Crash in Georgia: Test Drive Crashes

Taking a test drive is one of the most exciting parts of buying a new car. You can see how new cars perform, how they make you feel behind the wheel, and how well they handle. However, a car crash in Georgia may occur without warning, even during the test drive. When a Georgia traffic accident occurs, you should consult with a Georgia traffic accident attorney to find out who will be responsible and what insurance will cover the damages. If you have been involved in such an accident, you should seek the advice and counsel of a Georgia traffic accident attorney.

Approximately 331,796 total car crashes were reported by the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) in 2020. Of that number, 1,588 collisions resulted in death. Almost 125,000 injuries were also reported as a result of car accidents, according to GDOT data.

Who Was the Culprit in the Car Crash in Georgia?

In any accident, the party responsible for causing the accident is responsible for damages or potential harm. You will also be held responsible if you were the root cause of the accident while your preliminary test drive. There are no special rules regarding the responsibility of test pilots in such cases. The fact that you caused an accident will not be changed simply because you drove an unknown vehicle. You should familiarize yourself with the features and sights of the vehicle before you start to drive. When driving, be focused on becoming familiar with the new features of the vehicle (steering, braking, and stopping).

When you are on a test drive and end up in an accident, follow the same steps you would if you were involved in an accident with your own car. First, gather any information regarding the injured victims. If anyone is injured, call an ambulance along with the police. If you believe the accident was caused by a defective vehicle or other manufacturing issues, take photos of the car before and after the accident. Get information from other drivers and take pictures of the scene and vehicles. Talk to any witnesses that you can find.

Is The Accident Covered By Insurance?

If the driver of the vehicle involved in the accident has auto insurance under their fleet policy, the tester is generally considered covered by, based on the details of the accident and the available policies. Most car dealers have fleet insurance for all vehicles on their premises.

The dealership will cover the cost of any damages that occurred if the test drive accident is minor. If the accident occurs during the test drive, the dealer usually covers all damage (regardless of fault). Under the driver’s liability insurance coverage, the dealership may claim compensation for any losses paid under the fleet policy if the test driver caused an accident that caused serious injury and bodily harm.

Your Car Insurance:

As soon as the dealership or any injured parties file a claim against you as a result of the crash that you caused while test driving the car, your car insurance coverage will have to pay for compensation. The test-drive coverage of your car insurance will transfer to the test-driven vehicle.

Car Insurance of Other Driver:

The dealer does not have the right to hold you liable for damages to the vehicle if it was caused by the other driver. The driver’s insurance company will be the recipient of all the claims, and will cover damages and injuries up to the limit of coverage. For example, the dealer must claim damage from the car crash in Georgia during the test drive from their fleet insurance if the driver at fault does not have insurance.

Liability Waivers:

Test drivers are often required to sign a waiver at dealerships. These exemptions are an attempt by dealerships to shift the liability for damages to the test driver. The waiver may not completely clear your understanding, and you should not rush to sign it. Most dealerships will not insist upon the disclaimer because it is likely to prevent the potential buyer to experience a preliminary drive of the vehicle and eventually purchase it.

How a Lawyer Can Help You:

When faced with cases like these, it is always a good idea to get the assistance of a knowledgeable and experienced lawyer. We will assist you if you are asked to sign a waiver of liability, or if you are involved in a testing car crash in Georgia regardless of how it occurred.

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