Georgia Car Crash Victims: Social Media and Insurers

In 2020, Georgia reported 4,999 traffic accidents, with 450 fatalities and 6,640 injuries, as per the Georgian National Statistics Office, citing Interior Ministry data. People seek legal compensation for their damage. However, while pursuing their Georgia car crash cases they make a range of errors that negatively impact their claims.

In pursuing a claim against the party, it has become more critical than ever to be mindful of what you post on social media and how you behave online. Insurers used to rely on private investigators to acquire evidence showing the wounded individual can perform some of the things they claim they cannot perform, such as gardening, driving, or lifting heavy objects. Regardless of whether you are regularly posting or not, you can improve your social media privacy by:

  • Stricter Privacy Settings: Make sure that your privacy settings only allow your posts to be visible to authorized connections. While these options do not ensure complete anonymity, they make it more difficult for an insurer to acquire access.
  • No New Connections or Friend Requests: Decline connection requests from individuals you do not know or recognize. Insurance companies may impersonate someone else to access your posts if you accept their friend request.

How to Protect Yourself on Social Media After a Georgia Car Crash:

Internet and social media have made it easier for insurers to collect the same information at a lower cost and without investing in private investigators. Numerous injured accident victims maintain active social media profiles on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr. They share images of daily activities and significant events such as weddings and holidays. If you’ve been involved in a Georgia car crash incident, you may be inclined to update your followers on your condition, but this can be costly. Following are some suggestions that could help get through the case without getting any harm:

Avoid Talking About the Crash:

If you talk about your Georgia car crash on social media, you are making it public knowledge. This enables insurers to use it to discredit your claim. You may say something that contradicts what you previously told the other driver, the police, or your insurance company. Posting information about the accident or responding to comments about it could reduce your credibility, even if your intentions were pure.

Do Not Discuss Your Injuries:

It’s critical to see a doctor right after a Georgia car crash and throughout your recovery. Your doctor is vital to it. They can adjust your care as you heal and feel better. However, writing about your injuries on social media could compromise your claim if the insurance learns it. Do not make remarks such as “I am fine” or even optimistic affirmations about your rehabilitation. Insurance companies may argue that you were not hurt or exaggerated your injuries.

Minimize Posting Pictures of Yourself:

Uploading photographs in which you look to be engaged in some activity or having fun may doubt the severity of your injury. Even photographs of you smiling may be excised from the text. An insurer may argue that you are in good health and not experiencing the discomfort you describe. Compensation for further treatment may be withheld.

Do Not Sound Apologetic:

The cause behind the crash is a challenging task. It is possible that the other party is entirely to blame, or perhaps you share some of the guilt. In any case, never apologize or admit mistakes on social media. Statements such as “I’m sorry,” “I didn’t see him/her coming,” or “I severely wrecked my car” could all be misunderstood. Insurance companies may consider such utterances to be confessions of guilt. In other words, by doing so, you are admitting blame for the crash even if you are not legally responsible for it.

However, all is not lost if you have already shared updates or images about the accident on social media. Social media posts might make obtaining the money you deserve more difficult, but not impossible. The insurance companies will seek any justification to pay less or deny a valid claim entirely.

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