The Common Causes of Car Accidents in Atlanta, Georgia

One of the most common methods of traveling today is by car. However, every drive comes with its own risks associated with human error or technical errors on the road. Car accidents in Atlanta, Georgia are no different, and the extensive intra-state and city highways can prove to be fatal for many. Without following the proper driving techniques and traffic rules, you may find yourself in a deadly car crash that can be life-altering or even result in death.

According to the Governor of Georgia’s Office of Highway Safety, there are traffic police measures and records that show that over 300 car crashes were reported in a single year, 2018. If we understand just how serious a car crash can be for anyone on the road, we must also understand ways to protect ourselves from various outcomes.

If you have suffered from a car crash or want to know how to stay protected, you need to consider your legal rights and any loopholes that insurance providers may use to further exploit you, both financially and legally.

Top Causes of Car Accidents in Atlanta, Georgia:

Your insurance adjuster may have many questions about the accident, to help adjust costs for both car repair and medical bills, among other things. Car accidents in Atlanta, Georgia often result due to the following:

  • Distracted Driving:

Drivers can often be distracted while driving when they attempt to multitask, hence dividing their attention between the road and the task at hand. Such tasks can include talking, texting, or calling someone on a phone. Other tasks include using your phone for various purposes, eating, or simply being mentally distracted. A responsible driver makes sure that no distractions can avert their attention from the road, for the sake of their own safety and that of others.

  • Dangerous Speeds:

High-speed driving is one of the leading causes of car accidents because drivers going at high speeds can often be reckless, change their lane too quickly, and are at a greater risk of hitting pedestrians, other cars, or any obstacles. Driving within the speed limit should be strictly followed to avoid legal lawsuits just because of a few moments of thrill or road rage.

Some drivers also go at dangerously high speeds when they are trying to get somewhere very fast, which can be highly unrealistic. This is called reckless driving and is a very aggressive form of over-speeding. In their impatience, such drivers are a risk for other drivers and pedestrians alike, especially when tailgating other cars at high speeds and not keeping a safe distance in case of an emergency brake or other obstacle on the road.

  • Driving Under the Influence:

While substance abuse is itself a crime, it can become highly dangerous if you drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs as these result in slower thinking and can possibly distract you. A good driver must remain alert throughout the drive. If under the influence of substances, you can lose control of the vehicle. Your mind and body may be too slow to make quick decisions and result in a fatal crash followed by police and legal action against you.

  • Bad Weather:

Rough weather conditions can also make driving fatal, especially during storms, snow, or other adverse weather conditions. It is advised that you avoid driving in such circumstances unless absolutely necessary. Driving in the dark at night can also be risky.

  • Disobeying Traffic Rules:

Traffic rules are meant to keep everyone safe. By simply ignoring a red light, or the speed limit, or the rules about overtaking, you can end up in a fatal car crash and also incur heavy fines. It is absolutely imperative to ensure that traffic rules are followed by every driver in order to maintain safety.

  • Technical or Mechanical Issues:

Any issues with your car can also be fatal. Issues with brakes can lead to head-on collisions, engines can fail mid-drive, and faults in tires are especially common. All cars must be properly maintained, with special concern on making sure that brakes, indicators, warning systems, and airbags are working properly.

Call Our Experienced Atlanta Auto Accident Lawyers:

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