Auto Accident Lawyers in Douglasville: Settlement Agreement

Nobody prepares to be involved in an accident. However, it happens, and it causes devastating damage to those involved. Auto accidents can be fatal, and victims can also have severe injuries. Auto accident lawyers in Douglasville can help you get the settlement you deserve to mitigate the impact of an auto accident.

After a car accident, dealing with injuries often makes it difficult to file a claim. However, you must do so as soon as possible because there are deadlines for filing a suit, called the Statute of Limitations.

The aftermath of an auto accident is always difficult for victims as they face great financial strain from substantial medical bills and the cost of missing work. They will likely quickly take any settlement to pay their bills in this state.

Typically, victims of car accidents feel tempted to accept the first settlement offer after an accident. However, it is not a good idea because the insurance company is rarely willing to pay victims the right amount of settlement.

This article will give an extensive answer as to whether you should accept the first settlement. You will also learn how compensation offers work after an accident and how an experienced car accident attorney can negotiate the proper payment to cover all the damages you suffer from a car accident.

Auto Accident Lawyers in Douglasville Explain First Settlement Offers After a Car Accident  

According to an annual United States Department of Transportation report, thousands of people get into car accidents daily across the United States. An insurance policy will pay for some of the accidents’ damages. Therefore, insurance adjusters handle these accident cases.

One of the strategies of insurance adjusters is to contact victims as soon as the accident occurs before they can seek legal counsel. They do this because they know that is the only time they can get accident victims to accept a mediocre settlement.

The first settlement offer may appear big to you, and there is a significant chance that the amount is much less than the actual value of your claim. Insurance adjusters are trained to ensure you get the lowest settlement possible.

Insurance companies are businesses that work for a profit. They are more concerned with profit than your well-being. Therefore, they have no incentive to give you the best settlement.

So why do you think they will rush to offer you compensation? The reason is straightforward. They want to give you the lowest settlement they can.

You should never accept the first settlement after a car accident because insurance adjusters have an undue advantage when negotiating directly with you. Instead, hire experienced car accident lawyers in Douglasville to represent you and ensure you get the settlement you deserve.

Why You Should Not Accept the First Settlement After an Accident 

Apart from the fact that insurance companies will do anything they can to give you the lowest settlement, there are other reasons why you should avoid the first compensation offer.

You May Forfeit Other Compensation You Are Entitled to

The experience after a car accident can be very devastating. Therefore, it is normal if there is an urge to move on from the situation quickly. However, you should carefully consider the consequences of the decision you make during that period and the regrets you might have later.

When you act hastily and accept the first settlement after a car accident, you may lose the opportunity to benefit from other compensation to which you may be entitled. You should instead consider the long-term effects of your decisions and seek legal advice from car accident lawyers in Douglasville.

The Insurance Company Can Use What You Say Against You 

Although you might be legally required to speak with your insurance provider, you rarely need to communicate with or provide a recorded statement to the insurance company of the other person at fault.

Expect insurance firms working on behalf of the at-fault party to coarse you for a recorded interview. Do not oblige them. Instead, tell them to contact your auto accident lawyer in Douglasville.

When an insurance company offers you a settlement after a car accident, one of their motives may be to make you give answers to questions that will be used against you so that they will not give you any settlement.

Finally, never release medical information to an insurance adjuster when they ask for it. Instead, insist that they should contact your car accident attorney.

You May Be Forced to Use the Auto Repair the Insurance Company Recommends 

You need to read the policy conditions of your insurance company and know if you are required to use the auto repair shop that the company approves. Then, when you hire a car accident lawyer, you will better understand your car insurance policy and get good legal advice.

The at-fault car insurance company may recommend a bad auto repair shop that will not do a thorough job on your car so that they can save money. As a result, you may get your vehicle in the wrong hands.

Who Decides What to Do About a Settlement?

It is up to you to decide when to accept a settlement and the amount you will settle your car accident claim for. However, when you hire a car accident lawyer, you will get the best legal advice about the strengths and weaknesses of any settlement offer you get so you can make the right decision.

Hiring car accident lawyers in Douglasville will also let you know if accepting a settlement is the right approach. If it is not, the attorney will file a case for you to get the total compensation you deserve.

How Can I Get the Best Settlement Offer After a Car Accident? 

The long-term effect of your decisions should be at the back of your mind throughout the period after a car accident. Therefore, do the following to ensure that you get the best settlement:

  • First, contact experienced car accident lawyers in Douglasville immediately after the accident.
  • Give your attorney all the documents and evidence you have
  • Seek medical care
  • Be patient and be focused on the long-term.

Contact Auto Accident Lawyers in Douglasville Before Accepting a Settlement Offer 

The situation after a car accident can be very devastating. Regardless, you should not mistake taking the first offer from the at-fault party’s insurance company. Instead, contact our experienced car accident attorney to represent you at Hartley, Rowe, and Fowler.

We have a team of car accident attorneys that are motivated and prepared to get you the proper compensation you deserve. Book a free initial consultation with our Douglasville injury attorneys.

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